What's New - Auto-Mate 9.0

Auto-Mate Rule Manager
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The new features of Auto-Mate version 9.0 focus mainly on ease of use and performance.

Rule Enhancements

  • Export messages in PDF format - The rule action Export Messages now has the ability to export messages in PDF format.
  • New Rule: Respond to Meeting requests - An new rule action has been added to allow you to automatically respond to meeting requests. A new Quick Rule has also been added to facilitate creating these types of rules with minimal input.
  • New Rule Action: Execute Rule - This is a powerful new feature that is now available as a rule action. You can configure a rule to execute another rule if it matches any messages.
  • New Address lists - that allow you to filter a common set of email addresses between rules.
  • Enhanced Rule Scheduling - Rules can now be scheduled to run on a certain day of the month in addition to weekly.
  • New Address Filter - Easily filter by Contacts in My Addressbook. This can be easily configured in the From Address.
  • RegEx Subject Matching - Match Subject using Regular expressions.
  • RegEx Body Matching - Match Body using Regular expressions
  • Match HTML - Match the underlying HTML code in the body of messages. This is useful to help identify SPAM messages.
  • Filter by Bcc - The On Send rule now allows you to match on Bcc addresses.
  • OFT Templates - Added the ability to using Outlook OFT templates for reply, forward, and send message actions. This creates more flexibility for creating rich text templates with embedded images.
  • Auto create folder Enhancements - Auto create folders adds naming by “To Addressbook Display Name” and “To Addressbook Company Name.”
  • Attachment Action Enhancements - Attachments can be individually compressed now in addition to one single archive.

User Interface Improvements

  • New Theme - Added Outlook 2016 Theme.
  • Ribbon Enhancements - Compact Ribbon mode added to access Auto-Mate functions quicker.
  • Enhanced Alerts - New customizable popup alerts and improved sticky Desktop Alerts.
  • Enhanced Reports - A new Reporting package has been integrated.
  • Rule Manager Enhancements - The Rule Manager window has a new column that displays the time in seconds that a rule takes to execute. This column is sortable to help identify rules that take very long to execute.
  • Powerful Global Rule Editing - Added the ability to easily replace folders in any field across all rules and the ability to easily replace addresses in any field across all rules.
  • Address Sorting - Sort address in the address fields.
  • Print Preview - Added Rule Manager Print Preview.

Snooze Enhancements

  • Default Snooze Time - Set a default snooze time so that your most common snooze is a one-click action.
  • Snooze Addition - When snoozing, you can configure Auto-Mate to mark the items as read so they do not impact the counts on certain Search Folders
  • Unsnooze Enhancements - When unsnoozing messages, you can now do the following: mark messages as unread, mark items with a flag, create an Outlook Task with the item, show a popup alert, add categories to items.

Other Features

  • Built-in Database Integrity checker.
  • Other usability improvements.
  • Fully compatibility with Outlook 2016.
  • Import your old rules from v3.x thru v8.x.

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