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document Auto-Mate v9.0 Installation Video
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document Error 1303: Installer has insufficient privileges to access this directory
Issue When you try to install Auto-Mate, you get an error message that...
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document Filtering Mail from sub-domains
Question: Network Solutions uses many subdomains to send email. For...
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Follow this procedure to switch over Auto-Mate to a new computer. ...
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document Auto-Mate Toolbar Disappears.
If you are running Outlook 2003: In Outlook, select Help->About,...
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document How to configure Auto-Mate to send Out-of-Office Replies (without Exchange)
This can be accomplished with Auto-Mate Pro's reply action. Step 1. Set...
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document Is it possible to import existing Outlook rules (.rwz files) into Auto-Mate?
Revised 11/10/2011: Auto-Mate 6.0 provides support to import Outlook...
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document Problems installing Auto-Mate. Installation checklist.
If you are experiencing problems installing Auto-Mate, please review this...
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document Where do I get the .NET Runtime 2.0?
This can be obtained directly from Microsoft's website here: ...
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