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New Features

Junk Mail Rule and Native SPAM Filter

Auto-Mate now includes new features that build upon it's powerful rules to help reduce Junk Mail in your inbox. It uses a combination of techniques and some new functionality.

Auto-Mate now includes a native Bayesian SPAM filter that can be used within your rules. This filter predicts the probability that an email message is SPAM. This filter is trainable and can be made more effective based on marking known SPAM messages and false positives. You can enable Junk Mail filtering in your rules and set the desired level of sensitivity.

The rule test window has been enhanced to help train the SPAM filter in a convenient fashion.

You can also help train the filter while reading messages.

The Bayesian filter has a set of settings that it uses to implement it's probability rankings. These have been exposed for adjustment although we have spent quite a bit of time optimizing the best settings for general use.


Track Replies to important messages

You can now track a reply to any email message you send.

Do you send email messages requesting timely information and then not receive responses back in time or forget to follow up with recipients? Now you can add tracking to your messages and trigger actions if you do not get a response back before the time you expect the response. Before you send your message (or even after), you can enter the date and time you expect a response back and Auto-Mate will create a special tracking rule that waits for a response back to that exact message. If no message is received, the rule will execute actions of your choice. These rules are temporary and Auto-Mate will clean-up after itself.


Confirmation Prompts before sending messages

You can now add confirmation prompts for messages that you send. These prompts allow you to confirm sending properties before the message is actually sent giving users a chance to confirm their actions.


Auto Bcc Messages

Auto-Mate now allows you to automatically Bcc a list of recipients when sending a message. You choose the specific conditions, and Auto-Mate will automatically Bcc the recipients you specify.


Shareable Rules

Auto-Mate rules can now be exported in a portable, shareable fashion so that you can easily move and share them on different computers and even different email services.


Regular Expression Snippets

Regular expressions (regex) are specially encoded text strings used as patterns for matching sets of strings. Auto-Mate has support for Regular Expressions for matching text in Headers, Subject and the Message body. They are very powerful, but they are difficult to define because the syntax is very cryptic. This new feature helps users integrate regular expression patterns by supplying a list of the most commonly used patterns that you can insert into your rules.


New On Receive / On Send Rule processing system for improved performance (Beta)

The Auto-Mate rule processing system has been redesigned to execute rules faster so they do not put so much of a burden on normal Outlook processing. This new system is a radical change from the old system, so it is still in Beta until we get more testing from our customers to make sure it works as expected. You can enable this new system under option control or continue to use the current system.


Other Features

  • New icons.
  • Other usability improvements.
  • Many bug fixes.
  • Supports Outlook O365, Outlook 2019 as well as Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016, 32 and 64 bit editions.
  • Import your old rules from v4.x through v11.x.

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