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Auto-Mate for Outlook
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Auto-Mate Key Benefits

  • Auto-Mate Rules run at periodic intervals during the day. Set actions to occur after messages are older than 15 minutes, hours, days, weeks or even months. You can also choose to act on them immediately as they are received or sent.
  • Auto-Mate can file your mail for you automatically while you focus on more important tasks.
  • Spend less time managing email messages. Auto-Mate will help you get organized quickly.
  • Auto-Mate can clean up after yourself and automatically delete email, it's like having a personal assistant.
  • Start Outlook® with a clean inbox and organized folder system every morning.
  • No complex programming, a basic set of rules and folders can be created automatically, then you can build rules at your own pace.
  • Auto-Mate rules do not interfere with standard Outlook® rules in any way. In fact they can work in conjunction with them!
  • Overcome the 32K server-based rule limit in Microsoft Exchange®.
  • Simple to install, integrated with Outlook®, and will not change your messages in any way.
  • Works with Outlook versions 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019, and O365.

What Can Auto-Mate's Rules Do For You?

  • Delete email after it has been read.
  • File email after it has been read.
  • File email after it has been sent.
  • File email messages after you reply to or forward them.
  • File email messages that have been marked for follow-up.
  • Organize your messages by day, week, month and year.
  • Organize your messages by company or client name.
  • Archive messages based on age.
  • Removes duplicate messages in your folders based on multiple criteria.
  • Replace or extend your Exchange server rules when you exceed the 32K size limit.
  • Delete messages that contain large attachments. (pro)
  • Automatically mark messages with colored flags. (pro)
  • Automatically assign messages to categories. (pro)
  • Change the importance level of messages. (pro)
  • Remove attachments from messages to reduce storage space. (pro)
  • Export email messages to a network folder, then delete the messages. (pro)
  • Reply automatically to messages that have been in your inbox for a certain period of time. (pro)
  • Automatically forward messages to a smartphone. (pro)
  • Automatically print messages. (pro)
  • Execute your own programs and bat files. (pro)
  • Much much more, the possibilities are endless...



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