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Auto-Mate for Outlook
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Auto-Mate Features

Auto-Mate is available in two editions, Auto-Mate Standard, and Auto-Mate Pro. The standard editions will get you organized quickly and is very easy to use. If you need more advanced automation features, choose our Pro edition with many powerful rule actions.

Feature Standard Pro
Integrates directly with Outlook 2010, 2013, and 2016. Available Available
Integrates with the Outlook® Fluent Ribbon for easy access. Office style skins. Available Available
Import your built-in Outlook rules Available Available
Create any number of rules, there are no limitations. Available Available
Works with Exchange and O365, PST, and IMAP stores Available Available
Quick Rule Templates: Build the most common rules with 1-2 clicks. Auto select source folder, auto-suggest destination folder. Available Available
Create rules from Message Reading window via Ribbon Interface. Available Available
Trigger rules when new mail is received or sent, when a message is added to any folder, or in the background once per hour. Available Available
File messages based on sender, to, cc, subject, body, header, importance, read status, flag status, and category. Available Available
File messages based on Size and attachment status. Available Available
File messages based on Age; 15 minutes, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, any number of days, or between two specific dates. Available Available
Rule Ordering. Available Available
Built-in Rule Search. Available Available
Rule Testing and Debugging to help preview rules before using them. Available Available
Easily export and import your rules for backup purposes, or migration to other computers. Available Available
Setup Wizard to help get your rules and folders configured. Available Available
Move or Copy messages to any destination folder, including Exchange Public Folders. Available Available
Automatically create the destination folder to move or copy messages to. Available Available
Move rules to another mailbox and sync folders with one click. Available Available
Filter messages by type (mail messages, appointment requests, SharePoint messages, RSS messages, etc...). Available Available
Filter messages by Outlook account. Available Available
Build rules from templates you specify Available Available
Generate rule reports. Available Available
View Rule Events to track actions on your messages Available Available
Inbox Snooze feature allows you to remove messages for a predetermined time, then return them to your Inbox Available Available
Confirmation popups before sending messages based on various criteria Available Available
Automatically Bcc users when sending messages Available Available
Built-in SPAM Filter Available Available
Add exceptions to the rules.   Available
Permanently delete messages.   Available
Execute a custom program.   Available
Execute anotherrule.   Available
Send a message based on a template.   Available
Automatically assign messages to Outlook categories.   Available
Automatically mark messages with flags. Automatically set the due date on flags based on a selectable offset time.   Available
Modify the subject of messages automatically with replaceable template fields.   Available
Automatically forward messages to any email addresses. Include a custom message with the forwarded message.   Available
Automatically reply to email messages with predefined mail merge enabled HTML, Text-based, or Outlook templates(OFT).   Available
Export messages to your hard disk in the following formats: Text, MSG, RTF, or HTML.   Available
Compress attachments in-place or remove and save them to your hard disk to reduce the size of your message storage.   Available
Automatically Print messages.   Available
Support for 5 built-in Counters that can be used for rule properties and actions.   Available
Send SMS Text Messages.   Available
Track Replies to messages you send   Available
Process rules automatically, manually, once per day, or during pre-defined times.   Available
Run Rules quickly directly from the toolbar.   Available
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